Create your own composition of taste and Vitamins.

We are a contract manufacturer of vitamin gummies. We can customize your product according to your requirements.
We guide you through the whole process, beginning with creation of the product to the delivery of the finished product to your hands.

We offer a wide variety of wholesale soft gels for vendors and companies.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of super fast service, with a variety of soft gels options and worldwide shipping, then choose us. We can help you create your very unique product and brand. Everything will be customized to your needs. Browse through our impressive inventory today, and you can place your order right away!

We help brands stand out from the crowd and succeed with our innovative ideas and top-notch services.


We are a company located in Gdansk, Poland.

We deal with the comprehensive production of dietary supplements, including vitamin gummies and innovative mixtures of plant extracts. We are certified by Good Manufacturing Practice and HACCP. Our clients are on all continents


Vitamin gummies

We produce jelly beans of various shapes, including gummies with vitamins. Our gummies are available at 2g and 5g weight. We offer gelatin, halal gelatin, and vegan gummies.

Extract supplements

One of our specialties is natural products such as oils, drops, pastes, and distillate. We are able to prepare a product tailored to your needs.

Medical Mushroom

We produce dietary supplements in capsules based on medical mushrooms, which are becoming a global trend. We make special mushroom compositions with other extracts. The available extracts are: Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi and additives such as Gotu Kola, Ashwagandha, Gingo Biloba

Vitamin drops

We offer drops with Vitamin D3 / K2, Ashwagandha, A and E and many more. Available in bottles (10ml / 20ml / 30ml) with carriers: seed oil, olive oil, MCT.

Unique coffees

We produce premium coffees from the best coffee blends and roasted seeds. For people who do not like caffeine, we have a proposal in the form of grain coffee. Coffee in 250g packs

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